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In the city of digital lights

i-city, City of Digital Lights, Malaysia

i-city, the city of digital lights is the latest tourist spot and  the first lightscape tourist destination in Malaysia. If you prefer going on a planned trip, the chances are you will miss the city of digital lights as it is little far away from the city. It took around an hour drive in the night to reach i-city.  But the view was amazing. No wonder it is the most recommended place by locals.

i-city, City of Digital Lights, Malaysia i-city, City of Digital Lights, Malaysia

i-City’s mesmerising nightscape with over 1 million LED lights  attracts an average of 90,000 visitors weekly. Its seasonal light themes and outdoor fun rides has become a night gathering place for families and friends.

i-city, City of Digital Lights, Malaysia

The place comes alive with an amazing forest of man-made maple and pine trees brightly illuminated with seasonal LED lightscape themes.

i-city, City of Digital Lights, Malaysia

Apart from city of digital lights, they have an array of attractions – Red Carpet ( wax museum), Trick Art Museum, Snow Walk and Water World.

With beautiful scenery and unique display of dazzling digital lights, it is not a surprise that i-City is a haven for shutterbugs. It also provides a beautiful setting for wedding photography. Strike a pose with 1 million spellbinding LED lights transforming the night into a fairytale wonderland of lights.


Ho Ho Steamboat- a must try when you are in Malaysia!

When i look back, the most memorable experience in KL, was trying out steamboat!

We were on a short visit and a marthoma priest (Achan) who is a good family friend of ours, took us to the Ho Ho Steamboat on our last day in Malaysia. They were very particular we had to experience steamboat, before we go back to India.

The first day we reached KL, they took us to a chinese restaurant and ordered crocodile fry, pork and some other things which we have no clue what that is and also chinese hot tea which was served with chilled ice! We (myself and husband) are not people who experiment a lot with food. When we go to an Indian restaurant we end up buying fried rice / biriyani / naan. Though we look at the whole menu card, we end up buying the same things. When we travel outside, we prefer eating KFC / McDonalds / Nandos. So when they said we should again go to a chinese restaurant, we were in doubt. But we dint want to say no to a priest either.

While we were sitting in the car, achan said ‘today we will go to steam boat. Lets have soup for dinner ’. ‘Soup for dinner?!’ For me soup is just the beginning of a great meal. How can someone eat just soup is what came into my mind. He continued – ‘We should cook the soup. They will provide all the ingredients’. Before he completed the sentence, we reached the Ho ho steamboat restaurant.

We went inside and ordered 3 sets of meal with clear soup as well as tom yam. I couldnt stop laughing when we got the ingredients.  What immediately came into my mind was, after achan drop us back into hotel, is it possible to get food somewhere else!

Ho Ho Steamboat, Malaysia Ho Ho Steamboat, Malaysia Ho Ho Steamboat, Malaysia

Source: http://bit.ly/1BnYP1J

But when we started cooking steamboat, i started enjoying it (even before i tasted it!). Kochamma served the first set of soup and it tasted yummy! Our little one looked at everyone eating for around 10 minutes and then she started. What surprised us was even she liked the soup. All of us including my little one ate 3 sets of soups.

Ho Ho Steamboat, Malaysia

In Ho Ho Steamboat, seafood is freshly shipped daily from Pulau Ketam with more than 70 kinds of steamboat ingredients, including fish balls, fish noodles, handmade dumplings, as well as QQ tofu. Crab, white pomfret, squid, sliced pork, giant grouper fish head and siakap fish head are not to be missed. Served with a slightly spicy and sour chili sauce it will make you ask for more.

I have no words to explain the steamboat experience. It was yummy and we had a jolly good time with achan and family.

I wish someone start steamboat in India. If i ever visit Malyasia again, the only place i want to go again is Ho Ho Steamboat.