Meet the couple getting married in 11 countries, 38 times over the period of 83 days

Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard are on an amazing wedding adventure.

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They are getting married in 11 countries , 38 times over the period of 83 days.


They have been engaged since 2014. But they struggled to decide on a specific theme and location for the wedding.


 So after a lot of discussions, they decided not to decide at all. 


So on Feb 8, the couple packed their backpacks to start the incredible wedding adventures across the world.


 Before they left, they were officially ordained in the Church of Spiritual Humanism, so that they can perform their own self unifying ceremonies.



“It was exactly what i wanted, to travel the world with my wife and marry her again and again and again in so many different ways.” 

You can follow their wedding adventure on their official facebook page Cheetah Platt

Photo Courtesy: Cheetah Platt


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